Dinner ideas.

Hello everyone! I’m back with another blog post, and if you have seen in my previous posts I mostly discuss breakfast ideas or ideas for packed lunches but this week is going to be about dinner ideas. So if you’re planning a party or a dinner for family or friends then this is the post for you! Shall we begin?


So the first idea is dedicated to my undying love for prawns and shrimp! And this recipe is for shrimp pasta with creamy mozarella sauce! This is a fairly simple recipe that takes about 30 minutes to make, so if you are someone who tends to be fairly busy in the day, I would recommend this to you! I would definitely try this at some point! The link to the recipe is here: Shrimp pasta with creamy mozarella sauce!

Soup is usually a perfect starter for any dinner planned! I love my family’s famous chicken soups in the winter, so I found a recipe for a chicken soup that is similar! Italian Chicken Soup! This recipe is a little different than what we are used to making in our family as we like to add more spices and have a nice tingly flavour in the mouth as you’re eating your soup, however this is a really simple recipe that would bring a warm, cozy feeling on a cold winter’s night!

For me, I’ve always liked the idea of a rice bowl! It’s always a filling and healthy way of a dinner! So I have found the perfect recipe for Cajun chicken with coriander and Lime rice! It’s a 30 minute recipe which includes a lot of vegetables and nutrients such as vitamin C, A and protein! The link to this recipe is here: Cajun Chicken with Coriander and Lime Rice. 

If you don’t already know, I absolutely LOVE salad bowls! It makes a perfect side dish or even a main course! It’s very simple to put together some rice, vegetables and any other ingredients you may enjoy! So this next recipe is for a healthy quinoa summer salad which consists of quinoa, avocado, cucumber, spring onions, tomatoes and her s! The recipe for this delicious salad is here: Healthy Quinoa Summer Salad.

Burritos also make a very delicious dinner idea! This recipe I found is specially for anyone following a vegan diet! It is rich in fibre and protein and packed full of vegetables! I have personally never ate a burrito but after reading the recipe I would definitely try it out one day and when I do, I will upload it onto my instagram!  You can find the recipe here: The Ultimate Vegan Protein Burrito. This burrito is a very healthy alternative and is packed with nutrients and a LOT of protein!

The Ultimate Vegan Protein Burrito
This is the picture of the burrito from the website!


So that is all I had for now! Honestly there were so many recipes to choose from and my main problem is that I can’t seem to choose just one! If you have any recipe suggestions feel free to leave a comment or if you have anything you want me to write a post about you can always DM me on my instagram which can be found on my contacts page at the bottom!


-Yours Truly, Raisa

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Sweet Treats to divulge in!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! This post is an idea that Nisha@Nishable Blog gave me! I’m going to be listing some healthy sweet treats and desserts that are absolutely delicious to divulge in! Shall we begin?

I believe desserts don’t necessarily mean cakes and chocolate things and all things ice cream but fruits are also the best desserts! If you are health conscious, why not try a simple fruit bowl, or if you find that too bla

nd then maybe finding some recipes that are fruit based?

This first recipe I found is a salted caramel apple crumble! Apple crumble is something

Looks delicious, no?

that reminds me of my mother, because she absolutely loved this dessert and with this recipe it tells you how to add a twist to it with the salted caramel! It’s a classic dessert that doesn’t require much effort and will be a great sweet treat! You can find the recipe here Salted Caramel Apple Crumble Recipe!

While scrolling through Pinterest, I found several recipes that include baked pears and I found a simple yet, delicious recipe for baked pars with cinnamon and honey! This is probably best to eat if you’re really craving something sweet or even if you just have a sweet tooth like me! You can find the link to the recipe here! Baked Pears with cinnamon and honey. 

Another dessert that is perfect for this catergory of desserts is a simple berry fruit salad! This is probably the most effortless desserts yet. All you have to do is buy strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and also some cherries although they’re not from the berry family they are also a good fruit to add to the salad! There is also a fruit salad dressing to finish! The full recipe is here: Berry Fruit Salad!


There is another really delicious dessert that looks classy and elegant is vegan mini fruit tarts! This caught my eye as I was scrolling through pinterest and something I definitely would consider baking in the future! This is a perfect spring or summer dessert so I would definitely reccomend trying it soon before summer ends! To me, it seems like the perfect end to a relaxed summer barbeque dinner! You can find the recipe here: Vegan Mini Fruit Tarts!

3/4 view of vegan fruit tartlets

The next recipe is for something Im sure you have all heard me talk about before and that is overnight oats! I have not yet made this but heard it is very convenient and easy to make! Although this is not a dessert it is still a perfect sweet treat for breakfast to take to work or school and almost effortless to make! You can find the recipe here: Overnight Oats Recipe!

Recently, I’ve been into desserts that you can serve in a glass! They’re really pretty and creative desserts so for this last dessers, I will let you decide which dessert you like best from this pinterest page!  Comment which one you would choose and if you attempt to make any then share them with me on Instagram with #dessertinaglass and I’ll add your beautiful creations to my story!

Here is the pinterest page: Dessert in a glass Pinterest board!


So that’s all I had for today, be sure to comment, like and follow! DM me pictures of any of the recipes in this post that you decide to bake, I’d love to see what you guys make!


-Yours Truly, Raisa

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What I eat in a day+Morning Routine!

Hello Everyone! I’ve seen a lot of videos of “What I eat in a day” on Youtube and it seemed pretty cool so I wanted to give it a go! Shall we begin?

So my eating pattern has been kind of messed up because of work so I skip meals often! On a day when I am not working I usually eat a big breakfast just because I can! Today I ate granola and yoghurt bowl, with a plate of mango slices after and a cup of coffee! But when I work I have to wake up at 4am to get ready for my 6am shift and I usually take some lunch with me. Like actual lunch for example, I made egg fried rice and chicken the other day but because I get my breaks in the morning that becomes my breakfast! And then I like to run after work so I skip lunch.

On a day off work I like to be creative with lunch! I’m always experimenting with food and different recipes I find on the internet. However today I didn’t have time so I ate a chicken bagel with some coleslaw. As I mentioned before, when I work I usually don’t eat lunch when I come back from work so I don’t have an example for that.

Dinner is a totally diverse and cultural part of my diet. For anyone that didn’t know I my parents are from Pakistan so naturally my dad is the best cook in the house! Sometimes we eat rice or we eat, as people would like to call it chappati or roti and honestly I prefer rice better! I’m a rice kind of girl 🙂  So biryani is definitely going to be top on my list of favourite foods! I also love to eat spicy foods!

Image result for biryani
Looks delicious, does it not? I’ve suddenly become hungry!


Morning Routine!

So the truth about my morning routine is that….well…. I don’t have one! It’s kind of hard to explain but these days I am either working or at home and when I work I have to leave my house at 5am so I’m awake at 4am! However, on a day off I like to make the most of my mornings! I wake up around half seven or 8 in the morning and either run on the treadmill or these days I like to do Yoga or Pilates so my morning is filled with exercise! Once I have freshened up, I don’t really have any products I like to use because I’ve never had any major skin problems, but if there is any skin care products that you recommend then please let me know in the comments section below! I would love to try some new facial products but have never had any recommendations so if there is any products that you guys think is a good product to use in the morning then please let me know!

After all of that I then eat my breakfast which is usually something light but filling because by that time I am so hungry! Then I spend the rest of the day running errands with my dad, or baking, or cleaning, so just average things to get me through the day!

So that’s all I had for today! It wasn’t a very long blog post and I don’t have much of a morning routine, but that is something I am working on in the future! If you have a special morning routine then let me know in the comments below! Who knows, I might just be inspired?!


-Yours Truly, Raisa

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Meal Prep #2

Hello everyone! I’m back this week with a post that I have previously done in the past! If any of you don’t know I did a ‘Perfect Ingredients for Meal Prep” blog post a while ago so scroll down more on the nutriton page and you should find it there! Moving on to this post, shall we begin?

In the previous meal prep post I talked about ingredients that would be perfect for meal prep but this time I have a few ideas of meals that would be easy to cook and take with you for lunch for work or school!

Sticky Rice with chilli chicken- I never tried sticky rice before but one of my university friends taught me how she makes it and for those of you who might not know you might not find this very hygienic but it’s not so bad. The trick to sticky rice is not to wash the rice, and this may sound unhygienic but you’re essentially going to be boiling the rice and any bacteria or dirt would be killed in boiling water. FUN FACT: In the Middle Ages when medicine wasn’t so advanced surgeons would disinfect their equipment by boiling them and if that worked for the equipment then surely for rice it should be fine! ( Just clarifying my case in case anyone opposes!) Regardless whether you want sticky rice or just normal rice chilli chicken could be a good option to go along with it! And this is literally boneless chicken covered in chilli sauce so it’s almost effortless to make!

Mixed Salad bowl- If you’re like me and like to take salads to work then this could work for you! Salads are very easy to make and quick too so you can literally throw any vegetables in a box and call it a salad! What I would recommend is the basics some cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, mozzarella chopped into cubes, cherry tomatoes, couscous and if you wanted instead of mozarella you could have some grilled chicken on the side! For salad dressing put two tablespoons of olive oil with one table spoon of vinegar and two tablespoons of lemon juice (you could add more if you like) and season with herbs or store bought salad herbs. I don’t know any salad herb dressings that you could find in London because we always by ours when we visit Germany and theirs is delicious! But you could add mixed herbs to the dressing and it should give a similar if not the same taste.

Pesto prawn pasta with salad- I remember going to Prezzo restaurant once and eating this! It was so delicious so I thought it would be a good lunch idea! I’ve never cooked pesto sauce before but everyday is a new day to learn something new right? Well mixing pesto sauce with pasta and some prawns is absolutely delicious! In the restaurant they served it with a small bowl of salad but it is your choice if you would add salad or not?

Grilled Salmon and rice- If you’re a seafood lover then this is the one for you! It’s very quick and easy to grill a piece of salmon and boil some rice to eat together! I would top it with some green beans or maybe asparagus? I’m not sure about asparagus I’ve never ate it but it’s a vegetable that is packed with nutrients such as folate as well as vitamins A,C,E and K!

Classic stir fry: Another idea for a meal that is easy to cook is cooking a classic stir fry.  sauté some of your favourite vegetables and flavour them with soy sauce, I like to use red chilli powder and mixed herbs as the base ingredients and if you want to make it add any extra flavours or spices you’re welcome to do so but those are my base ingredients when I cook stir fry. If you want to add chicken to it then you can do so but maybe try to add something different like prawns etc.

That’s all I had for today, I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time…

-Yours Truly, Raisa

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Eid Lookbook!

Hello everyone! Today I’m here with a blog post that’s a little different to what I usually talk about and that’s fashion. Like every girl, I love putting outfits together and styling clothes together, but I’ve never thought of blogging it before. I really enjoyed writing my last post where I found recipes for a perfect iftar or suhoor and I wanted to try it again! In this post, I will be recommending some Eid outfits that I find so, sit back and enjoy! Shall we begin?

I’m just going to jump straight in and recommend my first outfit. This is a dark red chiffon jumpsuit with a small cape on the back to give it the extra flair of modesty. I really like the idea of the cape, because if you’re like me and a bit sensitive when it comes to clothing like jumpsuits then this is perfect for you!


I found this piece from Inayah for £129.99. And to me for someone who is still a student it does come across as expensive but it does look worth it! Rich Berry Sadie Jumpsuit.


This next dress was something that caught my eye as I was scrolling. It’s a pretty powder pink maxi dress that is embroidered with lace and the sleeves has laced ruffle cuffs to it. This dress was really pretty and it already has a touch of elegance with the lace that doesn’t overdo the look.


This dress is also from Inayah and it is for £99.99. Powder Pink Ruffle Lace Maxi Dress.


Following from this previous item, I also found another lace dress and while the previous dress seems to go for a more pretty and naive look this dress goes for a more bold approach. It’s a maroon dress and fully lace. It is a little longer and touches the ground when it is worn but I think it makes this dress all the more bold and beautiful.



This is from Modanisa for £46. Maroon Fully Lined Evening Dress.


I know I’m mostly picking out dresses but as this is for Eid it only seems appropriate! Floral dresses are always a great choice when going for occasional wear. This next dress is a floral dress accomapanied with a waist belt and billowing sleeves.



This dress is from Hijab House for $149.99. This is in Autralian dollars as this is where this brand originates from. Printed Annalise Dress.


If you want to dress in something casual but still smart and classy this Eid then this next piece is for you. This is a Blue waist top with balloon sleeves and a waist belt that makes the whole look classy. This would be perfect paired with white trousers or jeans as shown in the picture.

blue waist top


This top is also from Hijab House for $69.99 in Australian Dollars. Blue Waist Top.


That’s all I had for this lookbook! I hope you were inspired and best of luck to everyone still shopping for Eid Outfits!


-Yours Truly, Raisa

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Iftar and Suhoor ideas.

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog, its been a little bit of a while but I am back! Also wanted to wish all my fellow Muslim followers a happy Ramadhan! Which brings me on to today’s topic! Some ideas for iftar and suhoor!! Shall we begin?

So before we begin, I would like to point out that most of these ideas I have found from the internet or through cooking apps. But I will let you know where I found these recipes and ideas from! Let’s begin with Suhoor…


Personally, I’m always full from iftar so my suhoor doesn’t have anything special. I usually eat cereal with a bowl of yoghurt after or a sandwich. But I always stumble across some suhoor recipe or idea on instagram that I really want to try but never end up making. I swear I’m not lazy I’m genuinely tired at that time!

Eggs generally tend to be a good suhoor idea whether it is scrambled or fried egg or even boiled it is a good idea to have eggs accompanied with something. I had scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes and a slice of toast for suhoor once and I didn’t feel hungry all day!

Oats is also another good idea! For the beginning of Ramadhan I used to eat granola with yoghurt literally every suhoor, it’s a lightweight but filling alternative for someone who maybe had a heavy iftar earlier and feel like their stomach’s going to burst with so much food! I’ve also seen some blogs recommending overnight oats but I’ve never tried it myself, I will put a link to a recipe! Overnight Oats Recipe. 

Pancakes are also a great way to go! You can decorate these pancakes any way you can,

These pancakes look so good, can someone make them for me?!

maybe add a few strawberries or blueberries. I know the way we make pancakes in the UK is different to the way they make it in America, but if you would like something filling maybe try the American style of pancakes accompanied with some fruits! Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes.



For iftar my family generally eat quite heavy (even though it’s not on purpose!) We tried to find healthy alternatives but they didn’t last very long! So, instead of sharing our failed attampts at eating something aesthetically healthy I will share with some you some more recipes that I found would be pretty cool iftar ideas!

Salads are one of the things I really wanted to eat more of this Ramadhan, but it didn’t work out, nevertheless I found a delicious and healthy salad bowl you could try! Lebanese Fattoush Salad. This salad contains Fattoush which is a mediterranean fried bread salas that would be useful as a starter or even a main course!

Another recipe I found was another Lebanese dish which is called Shish Tawook and it is

Shish Tawook.

basically grilled chicken skewers, the photo of it looked delicious so I thought I would share it with you guys! Shish Tawook Recipe.

Another recipe I found to be a delicious and healthy iftar idea is Grilled Chicken Burrito Bowl. This is perfect for anyone who is a burrito lover. All you have to do is add your favourite burrito ingredients in a bowl and whip up a bash of quinoa and you’re good to go! It’s time efficient too, If you’re in a rush to cook something special! Grilled Chicken Quinoa Burrito Bowl.


That’s all I had for today! If you have any special Ramadhan ideas for Suhoor or Iftar then comment down below! I hope you enjoyed today’s delicious special post!


-Yours Truly, Raisa

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Relationship advice: How to treat your food.

Hello! Today I am going to be giving you some relationship advice…………with food! No, I don’t think I’m in any position to give any relationship advice and well I don’t want to. So lets talk about food! I know I blog less frequently than before but I am going to try an post at least every weekend, its just that I have to think and plan about what I want to discuss beforehand if you guys have any topics you want me to discuss then let me know below! Anyway, Shall we begin?

Breaking the stereotypes:

So first I want to talk to you about nutrition and all the stereotypes that are out there. baked-nutella-doughnuts6+srgb.-426x375Starting with the basics, I want to talk about that you think when I throw the words nutrition and physical activity at you. Most of you would probably associate these words with eating healthy right? Like the whole celery juice frenzy that is going around right now? You’d probably think salads and all things green? Well you’re halfway there, but only half way. You see there are always two sides to the spectrum and with nutrition you always have to be in the middle. You always have to be balancing your foods, yes I mean you can indulge in that doughnut you always pass by in that window shop, but maybe not everyday. And sometimes its good to have a piece of chocolate or even have a night out with your friends where you don’t have to be hesitant about what you eat for one night.

Now, I’m not saying everyday could be a cheat day, in fact I don’t even believe in cheat days. I think that nutrition and eating healthy is all about balance. Balance should be the first thing that comes into your mind. How are you going to balance what you eat, it doesn’t always have to that celery juice in the morning and that salad for lunch and dinner and it doesn’t always have to be that chocolate doughnut every day with a nice burger from McDonalds at lunch everyday. There is an endless possibility of foods out there, go an indulge your self with a wide variety, don’t limit yourself.

Building a relationship with food:

Now you may think that I and some other nutritionists that talk about relationships with food, must have gone mad. But building a relationship with food is hard. One one side of the coin we have people who are very self-conscious about what they eat and could be suffering things like bulimia and anorexia nervosa and they don’t have a good relationship with food. On the other side, we have people who may be obese and eat a lot as if it was an addiction and they’re fighting their own battles with food.

This is why I think it’s good to build a good relationship with what you eat. Sometimes it’s healthy to eat chocolate bar as long as it is not so often as everyday or very frequently, we have to give ourselves a reward sometimes, maybe we had a hard day at work today or what if you’re feeling depressed that day. At the same time I am also saying that we should also be eating foods that are healthy for us, and that are packed with the nutrients that we need.

If you may be having trouble trying to find a way to measure if you are eating a balanced diet then maybe try some phone apps or something online, there are many apps that can tell you the nutrient and how many calories a food item may contain and that could be enough to tell you that you are eating a balanced diet.


I think that is good to have a little bit of everything on your plate, in fact its the most healthiest form of a diet.

What do you guys think? How is your relationship with food? Good I hope! Let me know in the comments below!


-Yours Truly, Raisa

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